How to Play


Unfortunately the only browser that supports Unity plugin now is the Firefox ESR version. You can download it here.


IMPORTANT: If the controls don't respont, click with the mouse on the game window

If you are a traditional / hardcore gamer comfortable with the WASD + mouse scheme you can use:
  • A and D for moving left and right
  • LEFT MOUSE CLICK for attacking / firing
  • SPACE for the special attack
This is the recommende scheme for Mac users. 

If you playing in a laptop, don't have mouse or preffer the arrows, you can play with: 
  • LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW for moving left and right
  • CONTROL for attacking / firing
  • SPACE for the special attack

Also you can combine both and play with the arrows and mouse.


Harpoon: This is the main weapon. Pressing the attack key, a harpoon with chain is fired in the opposite direction until it hits something when it will be destroid. Both the harpoon and the chain have the ability to eliminate enemies. But beware, you can only have a harpoon on screen at once, so sharpen your aim.
Double harpoon: This is an improved version of the main attack. Now you can have two harpoons on screen at the same time.
Antigravity bomb: Pressing the special attack button, you will explode a bomb that has the power to change gravity only in the enemies. But beware, lasts a few seconds. A countdown on the icon indicates when another antigravity bomb will be ready .
Magnetic boots: Pressing the special attack key, the character will stick the surface having over his head, turning so he will be facedown. To return to the original position, you must press the key again
Magic box: Destroy it for getting special items